Paapa Nyarkoh

Grammy-nominated drummer, Paapa Nyarkoh was born in Elmina, Ghana, West Africa and migrated to the US in 2002. As a self taught musician, Paapa’s style combines African rhythms with hardcore authenticity of Jamaican reggae sounds, calypso and soca beats from around the Caribbean to produce high energy pulsating rhythms that hit you and make you want to dance.

Having toured South America, Australia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, and the United States, Paapa has worked extensively with many major artists including Hugh Masekela, Junior Marvin, Glen Washington, Everto Blender, Chico DeBarge, Leroy Sibbles, The Original Wailers, Magic System, Kenyatta “Culture Hills, Corey Harris, Bonnie Mac, Freddie Paul, Ras Shiloh, Ken Boothe, Tinga Stewart, Marcia Artkens, and The Meditations just to name a few.

His local band affiliations include Stykers Posse, Mama Jama, See I, Rebel Vybes, K.R.A., Storm and others.

Among Paapa’s album credits are The Original Wailer’s album Miracle, Benya, Shasha Marley, Dede Mabiaku (fela Kuti’s saxophonist), Tony Roy, Stop, Lenny Kurlou, Kofi Thompson, Ras Slick, Yvad Davy, Dan Sachs and more.

Paapa has an undeniable passion for music which led to his endorsement with sonar and Yamaha. Paapa Nyarkoh’s signature one-drop drum style brings a rousing energy to crowds at every show.